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Contract Number: N66001-22-A-0080

  • Period of Performance: Ending September 4, 2032

Open To: All DoD, Other DoD

This General Service Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract BPAs provide a collection of software, hardware, SaaS, and professional services that will bring needed capabilities to the DoD to protect our networks, computers and other devices from adversaries who want to steal data or disrupt the functioning of our networks and devices.

This GSA MAS multiple award BPAs reduce contracting and open market costs such as search for sources, development of technical documents, solicitations, and the evaluation of offers.

Benefits include negotiated intellectual property terms and conditions and discounted not-to-exceed pricing with the potential of additional spot discounting based on the scope of the order. DoD ESI has established agreements for the purchase of software licenses, software maintenance, hardware, and professional services through these BPAs.

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