Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)


A WLAN is more vulnerable to being breached than a physical network. With a wired network, a hacker must gain physical access to an internal network or breach an external firewall. To access a WLAN, a hacker must simply be within range of the network.

The most basic method of securing a WLAN is to use MAC addresses to disallow unauthorized devices from connecting. However, this method can be easily circumvented by changing the MAC address of a device.

A more effective way to secure a WLAN is to use encryption. The most common form of encryption used is WPA2, which uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) to scramble data.

While encryption is effective, it is not foolproof. FCN can help answer the questions and determine which way is the right way to meet your requirements. We will also work with you by performing wireless surveys and assist in maintaining and monitoring your systems for optimal performance.

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