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FCN draws on its experience as a Managed Services Provider, Solutions Integrator and Partner to the major industry leaders and start-ups, particularly, in the field of cyber security.  FCN serves to help equip Federal agencies (enterprises) with the necessary strategies, and technologies to allow them to thrive in the face of the ever evolving threat landscape.  Enterprises must not only be acquiring the ever-increasing number of solutions, but argument their security posture with both dynamic and strategic measures.

Network assessment

is a detailed report and analysis of your company’s existing IT infrastructure, management, security,
processes, and performance. The purpose of the assessment is to identify opportunities for improvement
and get a comprehensive view and current state of your existing

Agile Development

FCN has decades of experience in information technology/software development with Federal Government agencies. FCN is now working with agencies with legacy and custom software products to transition to current cloud native products.
– custom/legacy software assessment
– custom/legacy software enhancement (security, performance, db transformation etc.,)
– develop a replacement software based on microservices, containerized deployment including CI/CD
– deliver DevOps and agile practices including end-user preferred toolchain

Elastic Stack Services

FCN provides categories of services related to Elastic Stack (ELK). ELK infrastructure – Deployment, Operations, and Management of Clusters; Data Collection, Data Enrichment, Data Shipping, Monitoring, Security.ELK based analytics – data collection, format, search, analyze, and real-time visualization for several use cases. Security Analytics, Logging, Metrics, APM, Machine Learning, and Enterprise/Application search.

Bare Metal Restore

of Critical data components! Recovery entire servers (OS and data) with a point in time restore.

Alternate Site (COOP) Analysis and Implementation

Cold, warm or hot site – what do you want? We will develop your requirements and set it up.

Server Consolidation

Certainly you are not operating many, many individual servers are you? Each presenting an exponential attribute to your problem baseline?

Mirror Critical Data

If your server room was a smoking hole – are you ready to support the users within a few hours from the mirror site?

Primary Storage

Stop using internal hard drives for data on each server! Consolidate all data drive space. NAS/SAN – Near line ATA, Serial ATA (SATA)

Secondary Storage

Instant availability of back up data and a back up to the primary data. NAS/SAN – Near line ATA, Serial ATA (SATA)

Exchange Server

From Zero to Hero in 15 minutes (Bare Metal Restore)


FCN is a woman-owned, ISO 9001:2008 certified small business serving the Federal Government worldwide. FCN provides networking services, storage solutions, enterprise application development, personnel services, consultation services, and products vital to the operations of the Federal Government. Established in 1990, FCN has provided products and services to most three-letter agencies, and a wide range of Federal and Department of Defense (DoD) organizations globally. FCN is a premier provider of a wide range of Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) information technology (IT) products. FCN offers a unique approach to solutions by allowing customers to experience live demonstrations in our state-of-the-art engineering facility, minimizing your agency’s risk of employing new technologies.
“FCN’s effective contract base and our ability to directly respond to and support the needs of the DHS community in the areas of complex systems integration, mobile workforce systems, network integration/security & intelligence, high performance computing, common operating picture applications, virtualization, and intelligent storage solutions.”
Chris Schimmel, Director of Sales for FCNIT.

Who we are ?

We provide solutions tailored to your requirements, using techniques and technologies that meet or exceed desired capacity, performance and functionality. Additionally, we discuss the level of risk and service level agreement that allows our clients to feel comfortable with the process, timeline, performance and pricing. FCN understands the Federal Government and employs personnel with past performance history that allows us to proudly discuss our relationships with aforementioned clients and others without hesitancy.
FCN has experience in the following areas:

  • Enterprise and Workgroup data management using Scalable Storage Networking solutions.
  • Non-Stop Server Array Technology minimizing server downtime.
  • Thin-Client computing solutions utilizing best of breed technologies and strategies.
  • Enterprise Network Management for servers.
  • Hourly MCSE’S, SUN, NOVELL, CITRIX, Project Management and CISCO Engineers.
  • Network Security Solutions
  • Wireless surveys and implementation
  • Enterprise Architecture Design
  • Remote Access
  • CIFS, FC, NAS, DFS, NFS, storage
  • Clustered Storage
  • Failover Aware Server Technology
  • Virtualized everything!
  • Storage Management – Dissimilar and Similar
  • Data Migration and Archiving


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