Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) dominates the landscape of innovative technologies currently being explored across nearly every sector of the Federal Government. Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), and intelligent automation have driven revolutionary capabilities and even higher expectations for AI-based systems. Object detection, language cognition, recommendation engines, and dozens of other mature AI capabilities have permanently altered the landscape of what is possible. As Federal Agencies pursue these transformative outcomes, it can be difficult not only to achieve these goals, but also to evaluate their feasibility given the complexity associated with such technology.

Despite the widespread recognition of the value of AI, efforts to deploy useful solutions have been plagued by difficulties as agencies struggle to transition promising capabilities from labs and testbeds to real-world production use cases. Unlike traditional IT resources and services, questions surrounding scale, longevity, and value are often unknown quantities with no clearly prescribed path to follow.

Currently, this mix of high potential with poor understanding has resulted in a high failure rate for Federal AI initiatives, with far too many efforts categorized as overpromising and under delivering. In many cases, the natural reaction to such failures has been to simply outsource AI projects completely. For many low-stakes use cases, the basic practice of sending data to a black-box system and receiving AI-based inferences is perfectly acceptable.

However, modern IT practices demand a larger investment in AI at a fundamental level, particularly for mission-critical systems. These capabilities cannot be limited by a lack of access to data, algorithms, training variables, iteration cadence, or stove piping. Most Federal Agencies will find that they can only achieve their long-term goals by building some level of in-house AI practice.

FCN provides a wide variety of expertise for both customers and technology partners to ensure successful AI outcomes. We combine nearly a decade of internal experience delivering on-the-ground AI systems for secured Federal Agencies with over 30 years as a value-added Federal reseller to enable multi-vendor, multi-service solutions delivered under a single umbrella. We partner with customers to vet new providers and incorporate large OEM solutions when appropriate. CNs involvement ranges from basic acquisition all the way to hands-on support for achieving ATO’s, building minimum viable products, managing test hardware both on and off site, providing cleared personnel for training and staff augmentation, and working across multiple agencies to foster collaboration and best practices.

From the remote edge to accelerated supercomputing in the datacenter, FCN has the resources and experience to provide exactly the level of support Federal Agencies need to succeed in AI.

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