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2nd Generation IT (2GIT)

Contract Information

Contract Number: 47QTCA21A0014

  • Period of Performance: March 31, 2021 - March 30, 2026

GSA 2GIT Order Guide:
Ordering Guide

PURPOSE – 2GIT will streamline the ordering process for IT Hardware and ancillary services for the U.S. Federal Government under the same guiding principles as the OMB Memo M-19-13 “Category Management: Making Smarter Use of Common Contract Solutions and Practices.” GSA will leverage strategic sourcing to obtain best-value, reasonably priced IT solutions for Government.

2GIT offers in-scope, pre-competed commercial hardware, software, and ancillary services:

  • Purchase of New Equipment
  • Maintenance of Equipment, Repair Services and/or Repair/Spare Parts
  • Software License – Term Software & Perpetual
  • Software Maintenance Services
  • OLM – Order-Level Materials

Benefits – Supply chain risk management (SCRM) is a foundational feature of 2GIT. By awarding to industry partners with solid enterprise SCRM plans, we help address the cybersecurity vulnerabilities associated with IT products. Industry partners can quickly add new, innovative and emerging IT products through our FASt Lane modification process. 2GIT also offers:

  • Access to mission-critical, best-value IT from a diverse pool of more than 70 industry partners including more than 50 small businesses
  • Solutions that meet current procurement policies, incorporate best practices (like collecting prices paid data), and track savings/cost reduction
  • Options that support the FY19 SECURE Technology Act and other federal cybersecurity efforts.

How to Order – Use the 2GIT eBuy portal to submit your request for quotations (RFQ) directly to our 2GIT vendors. Include any socioeconomic set-asides and special delivery/logistics, asset management, or security requirements.

Only authorized 2GIT vendors can view and respond to RFQs posted in the portal. 2GIT is fully awarded and we aren’t onboarding new vendors at this time.

Use GSA Advantage!® to place government purchase card orders.


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