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US Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) – IT Infrastructure: Client Refresh

Contract Information

Contract Number: 70RTAC21R00000003

  • Period of Performance: November 2, 2017 - June 8, 2028

ICE Order Guide:
Ordering Guide

The purpose of this program/project is to provide ICE with the ability to purchase a full array of modern and contemporary Information Technology (IT) commodity products suitable to the varied and evolving ICE missions within the context of the DHS TRM, DHS EA, EPEAT (GOLD), Energy Star, and other applicable standards. The monitors recover their purchase price and more in power savings within the product life cycle.

This project continuously refreshes client computers at 800+ CONUS and OCONUS ICE office locations. ICE will refresh approximately 6,500 client devices on a yearly basis; 37,000 existing systems. FCN provides project management, logistics, reporting, and technical expertise to ICE. FCN is responsible for the management of the ICE Gold Image, its application and laptop/tablet full disk encryption. FCN manages logistics, warranty, and service agreement registration for this project.

FCN’s continuous production planning with HP avoids device shortages and schedule issues. HP production capacity for this project is capable of: 5,000 laptop/tablet devices and up to 10,000 desktop devices per month.

With 70,000+ device deliveries to 800+ sites (CONUS & OCONUS) to-date, logistics is a key requirement of this contract. Each device includes the ICE Gold Image which requires a chain-of-custody plan and proof of signature delivery documentation; Mobile devices include full hard drive encryption. Delivery types include ground, overnight, freight, and by hand. Inside delivery is standard. Special equipment (pallet jacks, hand trucks, carts, etc.), and Diplomatic Container when required.

Simplification and automation of key aspects of the project were achieved early to reduce the occurrence and the impact of human error while providing repeatability and predictability:

  • Reduced device bills of materials to a single, ICE specific product number (SKU)
  • On-line direct order entry with the OEM (HP) reduces order time significantly and results in factory pre-loading of configuration parts and components
  • A refined CLIN structure for the contract to achieve accurate ordering and invoicing
  • Implemented OEM/factory ICE image load & hard drive encryption for laptops/tablets

The tracking, recording, and reporting requirements for this project have provided an opportunity for FCN to collaborate with the ICE project team to develop a comprehensive shipping log/report for use throughout the life of the contract. The shipping log and support files represent an end-to-end record, chain of custody, and auditable package for each device (available for ICE management use via SharePoint).

Planning, Delivery Performance, Reliability, Spend levels and Program Key Performance Indicators information is available to ICE management via the use of dashboards.


FCN Contacts

Program Manager

Gil A. Van Schoor

Phone: (443) 857-6779

Account Executive

Pete Woods

Phone: (703) 586-8698

Contracts Manager

Lyndsay Lampley

Phone: (240) 833-7195