We provide solutions tailored to your requirements, using techniques and technologies that meet or exceed desired capacity, performance and functionality. Additionally, we discuss the level of risk and service level agreement that allows our clients to feel comfortable with the process, timeline, performance and pricing.

FCN understands the Federal Government and employs personnel with past performance history that allows us to proudly discuss our relationships with aforementioned clients and others without hesitancy.

FCN has experience in the following areas:

  • Enterprise and Workgroup data management using Scalable Storage Networking solutions.
  • Non-Stop Server Array Technology minimizing server downtime.
  • Thin-Client computing solutions utilizing best of breed technologies and strategies.
  • Enterprise Network Management for servers.
  • Hourly MCSE’S, SUN, NOVELL, CITRIX, Project Management and CISCO Engineers.
  • Network Security Solutions
  • Wireless surveys and implementation
  • Enterprise Architecture Design
  • Remote Access
  • CIFS, FC, NAS, DFS, NFS, storage
  • Clustered Storage
  • Failover Aware Server Technology
  • Virtualized everything!
  • Storage Management – Dissimilar and Similar
  • Data Migration and Archiving

What we do:

FCN presents the very best in:

Information Systems Security/Information Assurance/ Disaster Recovery Solutions

We represent the total solution that is also the easiest to administer

  • Engineering Services, Installation and Maintenance – We do it right the first time.
  • Disaster Recovery Analysis – Are your systems fully recoverable within 15 minutes? You need a gap analysis?
  • Contingency Plan Analysis – What will you do when the “the unimaginable happens?”
  • Primary Storage – Stop using internal hard drives for data on each server! Consolidate all data drive space. NAS/SAN – Near line ATA, Serial ATA (SATA)
  • Secondary Storage – Instant availability of back up data and a back up to the primary data. NAS/SAN – Near line ATA, Serial ATA (SATA)
  • Exchange Server – From Zero to Hero in 15 minutes (Bare Metal Restore)
  • Mirror Critical Data – If your server room was a smoking hole – are you ready to support the users within a few hours from the mirror site?
  • Server Consolidation – Certainly you are not operating many, many individual servers are you? Each presenting an exponential attribute to your problem baseline?
  • Alternate Site (COOP) Analysis and Implementation – Cold, warm or hot site – what do you want? We will develop your requirements and set it up.
  • Bare Metal Restore of Critical data components! Recovery entire servers (OS and data) with a point in time restore.
  • Point in Time snapshots of your critical data – how old is your back up again?
  • Instantaneous Availability of back up data – Map a LUN, back on line – did that take two mouse clicks you say?
  • Single Mailbox Recovery – Drill down into data stores to recovery any MS Exchange Object.
  • Eliminate Tape at the primary operations site. Tape drives at the primary site are “so last century!” You cannot depend on a tape to recover – ever!
  • Experience – over 150 sites installed and growing
  • Hierarchical Storage Matrix (HSM) – Is your Email server really a file server for your users?
  • Stop that practice and still satisfy the user community who want large mailboxes.