Call Center Software

What Is Call Center Software?

Call Center Software is technology that enables direct communication between a business and its customers by managing the routing of inbound and outbound calls and prioritizing which calls should be served up next.

It is used to help businesses manage customer communications over phone, email, live chat, instant messaging, SMS text, and social media.

Call Center Software offers a combination of multichannel contact management, intelligent routing, and network-to-desktop computer telephony integration (CTI) capabilities to improve management throughout the call center.

Call center software can be installed on premise within a company’s datacenter or accessed through a cloud based system. There are 2 categories of Call Center Software.

  1. Inbound Call Center
  2. Outbound Call Center

Inbound Call Center

In this type of call center the software automatically routes the next incoming call that is in the queue to the next available customer support agent. This removes the need for someone to be sitting waiting to answer a phone when it rings.

Outbound Call Center

In this type of call center the software identifies which customer should be called next and serves it to the next available customer support agent.

This streamlines the process by not requiring the agent to manually dial the next number but calls the next customer automatically.

Why Use Call Center Software?

The main reason to use Call Center Software provides solutions that help manage customer interactions and route them based on almost any contact attribute.

As stated above, this alleviates the call center from having to utilize old manual and clunky processes that increase man hours and decrease response time to customers.