Call Recording Software

What is Call Recording Software?

Call Recording Software allows businesses to record incoming and outgoing telephone calls for use in training, marketing, legal purposes, and other analyses. Call recording can be done on premise or through a cloud based solution. There are two different ways recording can be done depending on whether or not you are using analog and/or digital lines or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP).

  1. Analog or Digital Phone Lines
  2. VOIP

Analog or Digital Phone Lines

When using legacy analog or digital phone lines there must be a Public Branch Exchange (PBX) installed. In this configuration a recording card will be installed on a Server and when the audio lines will be split three separate ways. One line to the phone, one to the PBX and one to the Server.

The connection to the Server is a passive connection so as to ensure that no distortion is done to the audio and the audio is not altered in any way.


For VOIP, calls are recorded by using a SPAN/MIRROR network switch configuration. Basically, any audio call traffic that is destined to a particular network switchport is copied and sent to another network switchport for the purposes of capturing it on a server. This allows the server to receive all audio call traffic without interrupting the call itself.

One important thing to note about call recording software is the legality of it. The federal government states it is legal to record phone conversations, but state laws differ concerning consent and notification can differ. Make sure to understand the laws in your state before installing a Call Recording Software solution.

Why Use Call Recording Software?

There are many benefits to using Call Recording Software within your call center. Five major benefits are as follows:

  1. Training
  2. Quality Assurance (QA)
  3. Analysis
  4. Creating Content
  5. Reporting


When training a new employee within a call center it is extremely beneficial to have access to call recordings.

This allows you to show new employees examples of the types of call they will be fielding and both the right and wrong way how to handle customer conversations.

Quality Assurance

This benefit is especially important if you are dealing with a customer support call center.

You need to be able to review how your employees are handling customer conversations and ensure they are utilizing the proper etiquette that aligns with company culture.


Analysis can go along with QA, but can be used to benefit in other ways as well.

If your company deals with technical support cases you can analyze call recordings to find trends in customer complaints that may lead to product updates.

If your company is in sales then you can analyze which campaigns work and which ones don’t.

Creating Content

This benefit aligns with training, but also can be used to create marketing content that allows your company to showcase how amazing your support team is. Call recording also may allow you to create support content that provides customers with an automated response to fix an issue they are having without ever having to wait on hold to talk to a support technician.


Reporting provides a company with the benefit of making better decisions about employee capability, sales campaigns being used, and/or identifying any disfunction within the call center processes.